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Recommended supplements for good health

Some of you may wonder what kind of supplements I take every day. I think you’ll experience a healthier and more energetic body when taking supplements, and you’re more likely to avoid flu and colds. Here’s a list of products I recommend.

Nature’s Way Alive, Men’s Multi-Vitamin

NWY-15685-2_smallThis one seems to contain most of the things I need, including 23 vitamins and minerals, 14 “greens”, 12 digestion enzymes and 26 “fruits & veggies”. The tablet is a bit large, but okay to swallow. The best part is that you only need one tablet each day. This tablet contains 1000IU of vitamin D, and that’s a fair amount.

(You’ll also find this supplement in a women’s version).

Price: $16.37 for 60 tablets.

NOW-00990-6_smallNow Foods Vitamin K-2

K2 is important to take along with vitamin D, because these two together help calcium detach from the vein walls and bind it to the bone mass where it belongs. K2 also prevents osteoporosis and protects bone cells.

K2 does not exist in the multi-vitamin supplement mentioned above, so it is wise to take one capsule of K2 daily.

Price: $9.55 for 100 capsules.

NOW-02918-3_smallNow Foods Probiotic

Probiotics is a really popular supplement.

Probiotics support gastrointestinal health and is good for the immune system. I have chosen this one from Now Foods, which seems to do a good job for my stomach.

Price: $19.11 for 90 capsules.

Natural Factors Rx Omega-3


Omega-3 is a well known fatty acid that your body cannot create itself and thus must be applied through food or supplements. There is good evidence that Omega-3 can have positive effects on heart/vascular diseases and rheumatic diseases. There is also evidence of benefits relating to cancer, allergies, asthma, atopic eczema, psoriasis, diabetes, migraine, eye disorders, ADHD and various forms of inflammation. Omega-3 is anti-inflammatory, while too much omega-6 in the diet (cereals, margarines, etc.) promotes inflammation. Therefore, it’s very important to get enough Omega-3 in order to fix the balance between Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

Price: $20.97 for 120 capsules.

Nature’s Way Ginger Root


Ginger root has positive effects on your health, which you can benefit from. For thousands of years, this herb has been used for good health. Ginger can have a preventive effect against nausea, colds, flu and arthritis. Ginger is also good for sore throats and sinus problems. Ginger can have anti-inflammatory effects, just as Omega-3.

You could of course buy fresh ginger root in the store, but for me it’s best to take these capsules along with the others mentioned in this post.

Price: $9.60 for 180 capsules.

Nature’s Way Fenu-Thyme


Fenu-Thyme is a product with thyme and fenugreek. Thyme is known for its antiseptic and preservative properties. The main active ingredient of thyme is thymol, which is a powerful disinfectant. Thyme is often used as a cough medicine for chronic bronchitis and pertussis, and may help you with sinus problems. Thyme acts as an expectorant and stimulates the activity of the cilia in the bronchi. Fenugreek has been used in food and medicine for 6,000 years. It contains powerful antioxidants and may help you with an upset stomach, atherosclerosis, muscle pain, sore mouth, skin infections and chronic cough.

I’ve had some challenges with my sinus, and these capsules have helped me a lot!

Price: $6.40 for 100 capsules.

Now Foods Garlic 5000


Garlic is known for having good effect on different diseases and conditions. Some of the most common is high cholesterol, high blood pressure and fungal infections. Garlic is full of antioxidants that help reduce free radicals damage in the body. Garlic has anti-inflammatory effects. Researchers also found that garlic contains a substance that even “super bacterias” have trouble fighting.

Garlic can shorten the duration of colds or flu by 61 percent, increases the number of immune cells and helps to protect disease-fighting cells from oxidative stress.

Fresh garlic is something you also could buy at the store, but for me it’s okay to take it in tablet form.

Price: $12.73 for 90 tablets.

Jarrow Formulas Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


Coconut oil must not be forgotten! Coconut oil has a lot of good benefits. Mr. Dag Viljen Poleszynski – a Norwegian researcher, cand.scient in nutritional physiology and editor of a Norwegian health magazine – says:

Coconut oil has some interesting fatty acids which helps fighting pathogenic organisms. The medium-chain fatty acids is quickly absorbed by the cells and converted into energy. The coconut fat is not stored as fat in your body, it actually helps keeping a low and normal blood sugar without fluctuations. The saturated fats in coconut oil have no negative cardiovascular effects – people who consume a lot of coconut fat actually have very few incidences of heart disease. Coconut oil is also excellent as a moisturizing cream, and it gives some protection against UV radiation.

Coconut oil can also help strengthening the immune system and the absorption of fat soluble vitamins. I start each and every day with two teaspoons of coconut oil in my coffee!

Price: $11.20 for 16 oz.

Finally: If I feel that I will have a cold, I’m taking a few more ginger capsules and garlic tablets, together with NutriBiotic Sodium Ascorbate (vitamin C).

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